African Black Ant – 1 Big Box (8 small boxes.. 6 pills per box) 48 Pills


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African Black Ant Male Enhancer Sex pill (6 pills in small box,8 small boxes in one big box) Total 48 Capsules

African black ant also named as Africa black ant or African black ant pills, is a product for sex enhancement during sexual activity,which was made from some valuable herbals,so there are not any adverse side effects on you.Through successful clinical trials,Africa black ant popularly launch into market and is popular among men.It plays a significant role in effectively rescuing you from short intercourse sexual time, taking good therapeutic effect on preventing impotence and premature ejaculation, prolonging the time of sexual intercourse, treating indurable erection,increasing sex desire. African black ant pills can rapidly and remarkably activate male hormone and adrenal gland,stimulate and improve body’s immune system and improve sperm and fluid production.It stays in human body as long as 168 hours without causing any adverse side effect of dependence. It is suitable for the people with prostatitis,hypertension, cardiopathy, and alcohol does not interfere with its therapeutic effect.


African Black Ant, MALE ENHANCEMENT PILLS, Ship to Jamaica

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